Google My Business : New Tools for Small Business Owners



Google has created Google My Business, a one-stop shop for small business owners looking to increase their visibility within Google search, Google Maps, and Google+. Users will also be able to access their applications in one place.

In order to avoid the need to make duplicate entries while still providing information across all Google products, users will only need to enter their information one time and it will populate into all of Google’s services. TechCrunch reported that to create ease of use and rival Facebook “owners can post news, events, photos and other updates they want shared with customers.”


Exploring “Google My Business”

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the updates. As soon as you login you will be guided through a tour of the new updates and instructions on how to interact with the platform.

Next you will see a screen that houses your basic information that appears on Google+, Google Places, and Google Search. You can quickly update any basic information including phone number, address, URL, and categories.

The real meat and potatoes of this new release is what comes next. You are now able to access the following all from one screen:

  • Google+: You can share new text, photos, links, videos, and events.
  • Insights: Once you verify your business you are able to gain insights into your visibility, engagement, and audience. I recently made an edit to our page so it is pending verification.
  • Reviews: Each business is given a Google rating and you are able to manage your reviews on Google and view other reviews around the web.
  • Google Analytics: Quick access directly to your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Start a Hangout: With the click of a button you can start or join a Hangout.

“Google My Business” for Mobile

Google has already launched “Google My Business” for Android and it sounds like the iOS version will also be coming soon. Below is a screenshot of what the Android version looks like.

While “Google My Business” is meant mostly for small businesses, all page owners have been upgraded to the new view. How do you think this will change company’s Google+ strategy? What value do you see in these new tools?

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